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Scripts and Transcripts to Classic Movies (and others) made before 1970.

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  1. What is your source for the script of A Hard Day’s Night?

    I wrote to the Oxford English Dictionary to request them to correct their attribution of the word “grotty” (currently credited to Burke who ghost-wrote the novelised version) to Alun Owen, who had famously coined the word for the film. OED wrote back asking for a published version of the script, preferably published earlier than Burke’s version. Can you point me to one? Your version has a credible ring to it, being substantially different from what was actually shot.

  2. Xandra Mercedez

    I am looking for the script to Sullivan’s Travel?
    Thank You!

  3. Excellent source of information. Perhaps, in the fortcoming days, I may have the chance of reading the scripts of “East Of Eden”, “Untamed”, “The Girl He Left Behind” and “Pajama Game”. Conguratulations. Oktay

  4. Thanks for the classic movie scripts!

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